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This is a non-exhaustive list of some Cycle terms you may encountered.


  • Is the most atomic unit in Cycle
  • Can be linked to a customer and assigned to a teammate
  • Can have multiple templates depending on its doc type
  • Typically starts with the doc type "feedback", turns into an "insight" and then gets tied to another doc type

Doc type

  • Is the type of a doc
  • You can create your own doc types in settings to fit your team's processes
  • Examples of doc types include: feedback, insight, bug, feature, epic, product initiative, ...


  • A collection of docs
  • View settings can only be edited by "makers"
  • Can display multiple doc types
  • Can group docs by properties using "group by"
  • Can filter on particular properties
  • Can display swimlanes


  • Is a collection of views
  • Can be renamed
  • Can be re-arranged by drag-n-drop
  • You can create views by hovering over its section and clicking "+"


  • The environment hosting all your team's sections, views, and docs


  • A role that lets you setup views, manage roles & edit billing information.
  • Makers can add unlimited collaborators for free


  • A role that can perform any action in Cycle except setting up views, changing user roles and managing billing information
  • Collaborators can be added in the workspace settings > members


  • Is either a feedback source (Intercom, Slack, Email, Chrome extension, ...) or a delivery tool (Linear, Github, ...)
  • Can be setup in settings > integrations
  • Every feedback sent to Cycle through an integration will create a doc
  • Delivery tools integrations can be embedded in a doc to smoothen collaboration with developers