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Advanced Roadmaps and custom views

More doc types & more advanced views.

Advanced roadmaps

"Should this be a custom property or an object?" "This is getting messy, we're mixing problems & features" "I'd like to separate bugs from features, we prioritize these differently"
No more of this 👆
With advanced roadmaps, Cycle Pro users can create roadmap views displaying multiple doc types together. Want to show bugs & features in a same view? No problem ğŸ˜Ž
To select your advanced roadmap, click on the "+" on the top right of your roadmap section.
In everything we do, we make product ideas go from complex to simple. Advanced roadmaps are the simple way of setting up your (sometimes complex) product workflows and build roadmaps your team can work with.
And you don’t have to start from scratch. We created the best templates inspired by what other teams are doing in Cycle. Browse the library of templates and just pick your favorite one.
You can start with a template, then iterate on it afterward. Cycle Pro users can have up to 5 doc types in their roadmaps. Business + users don't have any limit.

Advanced views

You can display in views multiple doc types, filter or group docs by a particular property, create swimlanes, and more.
Product teams use views to build custom roadmaps, track progress on discovery and delivery, focus on specific tasks, and more.

Create your first custom view

To create a view, hover over a section's name and click the "+" icon. Here's an interactive guide so you can quickly set up your first view.
To create a view, hover over a section's name and click the "+" icon. Here's an interactive guide so you can quickly set up your first view.

Edit a view

When hovering near the view's name, you'll find a ⚙️ icon next to it. Click the ⚙️ to edit this view. You can also rename a view or add a description to it by clicking the view's name.
Edit a View

Customize your view

There are four main ways to organize your cards inside a view. You can use filters, group bys, and subgroups (swimlanes). You can also decide which properties you want to display.
Use filters, group bys, and swimlanes to customize your views
The properties you can filter on or group by are the intersection of the doc types you display in the current view. Ex. In a view with both "Insights" and "Feedbacks", if you want to filter on the property "Importance", make sure that both doc types share that property.
You can now display the insights linked to each Doc type. Click on the 💡 icon to see the related insights! To display insights, open the settings of a view, under “properties,” toggle “💡 Insights”.
Display the insights linked to a Doc type

Nested list view

A nested list view helps navigate hierarchy and move between levels of your docs effortlessly.
👉 Create children docs in 1 click
👉 Toggle docs
👉 Use Tab & Shift+Tab to go back & forth ⌨️
Leverage your hierarchy diagram, keep your focus and improve your productivity! 💪
Nested list view
Some cool use cases?
  • Roadmaps: objectives split into initiatives split into stories. Create directly from this high-level view the children of your docs while you have them in mind, and fuel them right after.
  • Customers' voice reports: problems/themes split into initiatives.

Duplicate a view

Some views can be pretty similar to one another. No need to re-create them from scratch.
Duplicate a view

Star a view

Star the views that matter the most to you. They will appear in the "starred section" at the top of the sidebar and on the home page, so you can easily access them.
Star a view
You can also star a view by hovering close to the view's name and clicking the ⭐️ icon. Unstar a view by clicking the ⭐️ again.
That's a wrap!
Here are a few examples of views we like to use for ourselves:
  • Roadmap: Doc type "🌱 Feature" grouped by "quarter", swimlane by product area
  • Changelog: Doc type "🌱 Feature" grouped by "release tag"
  • Closing the loop: Doc type "💡 Insight" grouped by "status".
We use this view to close the feedback loop every time we ship something they asked for.