📊Customer voice dashboards

Understand and make customer feedback actionable.


It will help you answer your biggest product questions such as:

  • What are the major pain points for users, and which features are they most eager for?

  • Which customers give the most feedback?

  • Do small and big customers have similar needs?

  • Which Sales/Success people provide the most product feedback?

Choose to display the information at the company or user level.

Then slice and dice product feedback with filters on MRR, customer lifecycle, and time frames (like the last 7 or 30 days). It helps you understand whether you have market opportunities, but also keep track of company requests & identify the team members that contribute the most to feedback.

We all have crucial questions, and this feature aims to answer them.

Customer attributes synced with API 🔄

Sync your customer attributes directly with Cycle's API. Bring your CRM data into Cycle in no time – think ARR, license count, customer segment, plan, etc

Your dashboard will always have the latest data, enabling advanced analysis and real-time insights.

Imagine filtering your customer voice dashboards by ARR to understand how customer needs vary across segments.

Link to Cycle API.

Can't wait to see what customer voice insights you'll be extracting 💪

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