Pro Cycler tips shortlist

Here are our favorite productivity hacks.

Table of content

Tips we share here can be leverage:
  • From Anywhere in Cycle
  • Outside of Cycle
  • In views
  • When editing documents
  • When processing feedback

Anywhere in Cycle

Search all docs: Ctrl/⌘ + P
Navigate views: Ctrl/⌘ + V
Command bar: Ctrl/⌘ + K
Use case we love: Find a company and search all the feedback those people shared.
Cmd+K search on a company

Outside of Cycle

View all feedback and related initiatives/bugs status in HubSpot & Intercom: go to a company or customer profile and check on the right panel.

In views

Preview doc: Hold shift + space when hovering over a doc.
Doc navigation: Hover over a doc and use your arrows to move between docs.
Peek at insights: Make sure you display insights in the view settings.
Bulk selections/editions/dnd: There are 4 main ways:
  1. 1.
    Our favorite: Cmd+A while hovering over a doc.
  2. 2.
    Click on the box on the left of the card, press Shift, and click on the other cards.
  3. 3.
    Hover over a card and press X on your keyboard.
  4. 4.
    Draw a rectangle to select multiple cards at once (this is the fastest way).
Nested list view
A nested list view helps navigate hierarchy and move between levels of your docs effortlessly.
👉 Create children docs in 1 click.
👉 Toggle docs.
👉 Use Tab & Shift+Tab to go back & forth ⌨️

Editing documents

Add a new element to a doc: just type “/”.
Embed links: copy-paste a link in Cycle and press enter:
Bulk create Linear/Github issues: select one or many lines and click on the Linear/Github logo to transform them on issues.
Transform text into Title 1, Title 2, Title 3: select the text and hit ⌘+Option + 1-2-3.

Processing feedback

Create insights: Hit ⌘+1 while selecting text instead of clicking on “Insight”.
We’ll keep editing this page with our favorite productivity hacks in Cycle.
Did we miss something? Please share with us other hacks that changed your life!