You can search through a large bunch of information and results will appear in this order:
  • Commands
  • Views
  • Doc content
  • Feedback
  • Insights
  • Roadmaps doc
  • People (assignees or customers)
  • Companies
Several keyboard shortcuts also go directly to a section (eg, settings).
2 shortcuts you'll use the most:
  • Cmd+K: to open the search bar
  • Cmd+Left Click to open a result in another tab
You can search through the content of any document.
Remember a sentence or an idea from a meeting and want to dig it up? Just hit Cmd+K and find it back!
Want to open several results? Hit Cmd+Click on the docs to open them in new tabs.

Quick filters

Want to do an advanced search? Filter the results by category.
More quick filters will follow soon.