Closing the loop

How often do you close the loop with stakeholders when you start working on something they gave you feedback on?
If the answer is "gloups", don't worry you're like most product folks. 😅 And this will now change!
With status notifications, you are now able to trigger product updates to all relevant people with a simple drag & drop from one status to another.

How does it work?

In Cycle, all Feedback & Insights are linked to a specific customer and one assignee from your company.
As soon as you link insights to initiatives (or other document types), insights become children of this document type and will automatically follow their parent's status category.
Each time an insight to which you are related moves from one category to another, the assignee and customer will be notified.
Here are the notification possibilities:
  • Parent moves from "Not started" to "Started"
  • Parent moves from "Started" to "Completed"
  • Parent moves from "Completed" to "Canceled"
In their settings, stakeholders will be able to customize how they would like to be notified (Cycle, Slack, Email).

Slack use case

In addition to what we explained above, you can trigger automatic bot responses in Slack with our integration. This is extremely powerful.
Here is a full workflow starting with a CSM providing feedback on Slack.
When you submit a message to Cycle, the bot will send a message confirming that the feedback has been taken into account.
When this feedback, then insight, is linked to an initiative and the latter moves from one status category to another, the bot can inform both the assignee and the customer in the Slack message thread where the original message was posted.

The impacts are enormous

Think about it:
  • How much time would you save per quarter?
  • How many deals could sales folks reopen with real-time status on projects?
  • How many churns would CSM prevent by closing the loop on bugs and requests?