💡Extract insights from feedback

Insights are valuable pieces of information you want to link to a feature.

We see feedback like a diamond 💎.

At first, it is rough, unfaceted, and unpolished. But with some work, it gets extremely valuable.

Here's how to create Insights from Feedback... or polish your diamond.

  1. Highlight the relevant piece of text in the feedback

  2. Click on 💡 (or hit ⌘1) to create an Insight

  3. Link it to the right 🌱 feature, or create a new one

Try it yourself 👇

Every insight you create will appear in the insights panel on the right. They will also inherit the properties of the feedback they came from.

This includes:

  • Customer – Who gave the feedback?

  • Assignee – Who's in charge of processing the feedback or acting on it?

  • Source – Where did the feedback come from?

  • Custom properties – You'll use them to organize feedback the way you see fit.

Once you're done extracting Insights from Feedback, mark the Feedback as "processed"

You'll find them all in your Insights section on the left side panel.

Now that you're familiar with creating Insights from feedback and linking them to features, let's learn how to prioritize features and write your PRDs 👀.

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