What is Cycle? [Start here]

Cycle is a flexible product management platform built for modern teams who like to ship great stuff.
We believe every product team has its own product workflow. Cycle was built to be completely fully customizable so you can make it totally yours.
Great products result from great people working together. Cycle features real-time collaboration, commenting, @mentioning, and more, so everyone can easily be on the same page and do their best work.

What Cycle helps you to do

💬 capture customer feedback from many sources (Slack, Intercom, Hubspot, etc)
🖇️ extract insights and connect them with product roadmap
✏️ collaborate within and outside Cycle
📣 close the feedback loop
It’s a virtuous… cycle.

Overview videos

1) Cycle Collaborator 101 - Send feedback & collaborate better around product 🚀

You'll learn how to send feedback, how you'll be informed with the updates, and what info you can get as a customer-facing person.

2) Cycle Maker 101 - Understanding Cycle's logic

You'll have a general walkthrough and more advanced usage. It also explains the core logic (feedback, insights, etc)
Next up, we'll look at how you can build a robust feedback collection system.