Customer-centric from day 1

As explained in Cycle docs, when you extract an insight from a feedback, the customer will automatically be inherited. Cycle automatically keeps track of all the insights provided by a customer.

But there's a lot happening behind the scene to keep everything running smoothly. Let's look into how to manage Cycle customers.

To access "Customers", go to workspace settings > Customers

Automatically sync and merge customer

Customers in Cycle can be created manually or imported from source integrations. Cycle automatically merges duplicates and syncs contacts across the integrations to give you an accurate representation of who you're interacting with.

When a customer is synced across multiple integrations, we'll display these on their profile.

Fetching the customer so you don't have to

Cycle automatically fetches the customer you're getting feedback from so you don't lose track of it. For this to work, the customer should already exist in your Cycle workspace. You can always edit the customer manually afterwards.

We will also give the feedback a title by default: "Feedback from {customer name} in {integration} - {date}" to make it easy to browse through feedback later on.

Customer profiles

You can easily browse all the feedback and insights tied to a particular customer. No matter if it came by email, an Intercom ticket or Slack message, it will all be here. It's like a CRM for product teams.

Two-way sync

When you extracted insights from feedback, you linked these insights to 🌱 Feature, remember? Since insights inherited the customer from the original feedback, you know which customer provided an insight for a particular Feature.

To make it easy keep customers updated on the status of their requests, Cycle displays the Features, insights and feedback of a customer in the HubSpot & Intercom integrations. Regardless of where the original feedback came from.

Search feedback by customer

Need to find all the feedback from a specific customer or company? Hit ⌘+k to open to command panel and search for a customer or company's name.

Optional customer sync

Have a ... [cough cough] .. not cleaned customer database, but still you’d like to use our Slack, Intercom & Hubspot inte?

You can decide to sync or unsync your customers from those apps.

When you sync them, we’ll import them all, no matter whether they have feedback in Cycle. If you unsync them, we’ll keep only the ones with some feedback. In both cases, you'll have 100% of customers that gave feedback.

A note about customer duplicates

How does Cycle handle customers who have multiple identities (email addresses) in the system?

  • we auto merge customers based on email address; in Cycle one customer can have max 1 email address so it can happen that you have duplicates when the same person shares feedback with different email addresses

  • our customers have two levels: people and companies ; when a person leaves a company, you can easily just change its company in Cycle, they will keep their historical feedback – when that happens you might have to change the customer's email address to their new one

Overall our customers have rarely duplicates, but it can happen. We'll go further with things like managing multi email addresses per customer + allowing merge suggestions with AI.

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