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Capture feedback from anywhere on the web

Ever stumbled on great product feedback on Twitter? Or Reddit? Or anywhere else? Or maybe we don't integrate (yet) with a specific tool you have in mind 🤷. In that case, please let us know. But in the meantime, our Chrome extension should work like a charm.


Download our Chrome extension from the Chrome Web store. Once that's done, open the extension on any website, and log in to your Cycle workspace.

How it works

Found some noteworthy product feedback online?

  1. Highlight the relevant piece of text

  2. Open the Cycle Chrome extension

  3. Map the feedback to an existing customer (or create a new one)

  4. Assign it to yourself or a teammate

  5. Hit "Submit"

Great job! 👏 The feedback was sent to your Inbox.

The "Description" field of the Chrome extension is also a rich editor in which you can drag screenshots, format text, and more.

The extension also captured the URL of the webpage on which you grabbed the feedback, so you can get back to it if needed. Find it in the Chrome icon of the feedback.

But that's not all. Let's get into the more advanced stuff.

Use content templates to pre-fill feedback

Once you've linked a content template to "Feedback", it will pre-fill the "Description" field of the Chrome extension. You can delete the template's content when it's not relevant. If you change your mind, you can always add it back by clicking the button at the bottom of the "Description" field.

Similarly, titles are automatically completed, but you can change them after of course.

Add custom fields to the extension

Unleash the power of Cycle's NoCode framework. 😎

Cycle lets you create custom properties for all your Doc types. Any custom property you link to the Doc type "Feedback" will appear in the Chrome extension.

This can come in handy to label & organize Feedback by "type", "competitor," or any property you come up with before it gets to your Inbox.

You can also DND a file to the extension to include it in the new piece of feedback you'll find in Cycle.

You're now ready to capture feedback anywhere on the web!

If you enjoy using our Chrome extension, we'd greatly appreciate it if you could give it a review on the Chrome web store 🙏.

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