Learn how to send feedback from emails straight to your Cycle inbox

Receiving customer feedback by email can quickly clutter your inbox or get lost.

Not anymore.

Transfer the email with feedback directly to your Cycle Inbox.

This will ensure you keep track of it in a neatly centralized place where your team can process it and add it to your product roadmap.


This integration comes built-in with your Cycle workspace. No installation needed 😎.

To get started, open your workspace settings and navigate to the "integrations" tab. There, click on the "copy to clipboard" icon next to the email integration.

How it works

Now that your workspace's email address is copied in your clipboard, find an email with customer feedback and transfer it to your workspace's email address.

That's it! 🙌

Cycle will automatically:

  • Get the sender of the email and link it as a customer to the feedback in Cycle. If the customer doesn't exist, it will create a new one automatically.

  • Assign yourself to the feedback doc. This will make sure you find the feedback in your Cycle Inbox.

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