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Call recording

Ever wondered how to multiply your product feedback tenfold? Imagine accessing every bit of feedback your users have shared with Sales & Success teams, automatically. 😱
Our call recording bot aims to make this a reality.
Define the meeting you want to record, and you'll see an additional participant taking notes. ✍️
Once installed, for every Google Meet, Zoom, & Microsoft Teams call, you'll receive a Cycle feedback containing:
  • Call summary
  • Video
  • Transcript
Of course, you're able to customize which meetings you wanna record and see what's planned from Cycle.
Realized mid-call that it's worth recording? No problem! You can now invite Cycle’s recording bot to join in at any point during the call.
When you're reviewing user research or sales calls, the AI will only consider your customers' responses, not your own. This change ensures you get a clear, unfiltered view of customer opinions and needs.
ℹ️ This is a be paid add-on. If you’re interested, please contact our team and we’ll give you a 1-week free access to try it out. 🧪
We’re already working on the next steps. 👀