Roadmaps display

Once you extracted the relevant insights, and tied them to features. Time to prioritize what you'll ship, document what to build, and get stuff done.

Feedback-Insight-Feature is the default configuration. In a Pro plan, you can customize your hierarchy with additional layers like epic, bug, feature, user story, etc. You can always rename these to fit your own taxonomy.

Create your first view

A view is a filtered and structured way to visualize your Cycle Features. They can take a kanban or list shape and be filtered on or grouped by properties.

Product teams use views to prioritize features, build custom roadmaps, track progress on discovery and delivery, focus on specific tasks, and more.

Here's an example of a view with all "Small" Features grouped by "Status".

Only "Makers" can create views. If you are the first to join your workspace, you're a "Maker" by default. If not, ask a Maker to change your role.

Write rich PRDs with Cycle's markdown editor

Producing actionable and contextual documents is the core of every PM's job. We made it delightful to write and structure PRDs using a "/" command.

Customer context, always by your side

Bring your users' voices into your PRDs. Spread it into your organization.

Leverage your team's work in one place

Embed media, files, and other content types to include everyone's work in one structured PRD.

Include the tech folks too

We integrate with Linear and GitHub issues so you can ship stuff without needing to switch tools.

Once you ship something, it's time to communicate about it and close the loop. You can do it manually or use our Release feature.

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