🎭Manage workspace members

Maker vs collaborator

There are 2 roles you can have in Cycle.

  1. A β€œMaker” can create insights, create and edit views, change other members' roles, use advanced features like transcripts, and manage billing. A maker can add unlimited collaborators for free.

  2. A β€œCollaborator” can do everything else. This includes creating docs, editing docs, updating property values, and more. Collaborators cannot edit the workspace setup (integrations, views, workflows,...).

Makers can edit roles in the workspace’s settings.

Here's how πŸ‘‡

Customer vs assignee


The person giving the feedback (could be external or internal like a colleague for instance).

Customers are currently only notified when you have a Slack connection with them in the thread or when an initiative changes category (e.g. not started -> started). You can customize the notifications you send to them in your Slack integration in Cycle.


The person in charge of closing the loop with the customer. They are Cycle users.

The PM in charge of the feature is not supposed to be the assignee. If needed, you can create a "product squad" property to create some views linked to this PM/Squad particularly

You can update the default assignee in your Workspace settings > Members. This person will be the fallback assignee for all situations with no assignee, like new forms coming through Zapier.

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