The feedback inbox

A central place to collect and process feedback
The Inbox is the place where everything starts in Cycle.
All customer input will be centralized there: direct customer feedback coming from various sources (think Slack, Intercom, Zapier, Hubspot, etc), but also your customer interviews (Cycle has a rich text editor).
Starting from your Inbox, you’ll be able to process all feedback sources and extract relevant insights that will feed your product discovery workflow.
Your Cycle Inbox
To connect your tool stack to your Cycle workspace and start collecting feedback from multiple sources, head over to your "workspace settings" > "integrations". Every time feedback is created from an integration, we will display the icon of the source integration it came from and the linked customer.
Connect source integrations to collect feedback from the tools you use

Create filtered views

By default, your workspace will have views in your Inbox: "All" and "My Inbox".
  • The "All" view shows all the feedback in the workspace.
  • The "My Inbox" view only shows the feedback you're assigned to.
But feedback isn't all the same. Some teams like to split the feedback Inbox on specific properties such as the type of feedback, its source, a major customer, you name it.
Here's how you can create a filtered view of your inbox.
To edit or delete a filtered view, simply click on the filtered view's name.

Fly through feedback

We want to make it a smooth & enjoyable experience to process feedback. That's why Inbox has been designed from the ground up to be keyboard first. That way, you can process, sort and move through your feedback without breaking your focus.
  • Ctrl + ⇧ + E to mark as processed
  • Ctrl + ⇧ + J to move to next feedback
  • Ctrl + ⇧ + K to move to previous feedback
  • ⇧ + space to preview
If you're more of a "mouse" person 🐭, the "mark processed" button will automatically change a feedback's status from "To process" to "Processed"
Click the ✔️ icon to mark feedback as processed
You can either do this one feedback at a time or in bulk 😎
Pro tip: power users in Cycle plan recurring feedback processing sessions in the Inbox
Now that you're comfortable with the Inbox. Let's learn how to get the most out of your product feedback.