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Producing actionable and contextual documents is the core of every PM's job. We made it delightful to write and structure docs using a "/" command.

You'll find also toggle lists, tables and table of content. Inline comment are coming soon.

Content templates

Struggling with the writer's block? Struggle no more, use a content template. Cycle features a variety of templates from the world's product folks.

Learn how to set up templates by default for each doc type here.

Real-time sync

We started to explore how to document product Features, but let's dig into how to effectively collaborate on Cycle docs.

Everything in Cycle is synced in real-time so you don't miss a beat of what your team is working on.

The activity indicator on the top right of your screen will show you where your teammates are.

But sometimes you don't want to have someone watching over your shoulder, we get that. Go incognito πŸ₯·πŸ»!


Need someone's input on a doc? @Mention their name to notify them. This works both in the comments section on the right, or in the doc itself when you need to refer to a specific section of the doc.

Comments & inline comments

You can write both a general comment on a doc, but also an inline comment on a certain sentence, word, or paragraph.

Inline comments are designed for collaboration and communication within your team. Whether refining notes, modifying PRDs, or dissecting doc details, it's all about helping your teams communicate better. And when you're done with a thread? Just click and dismiss. Simple but effective.

Here's the nitty-gritty of what it brings to the table:

  1. Navigation Arrows: Rather than clicking or manually scrolling, jump straight from thread to thread using the arrows.

  2. Teammate Mentions: You can directly ping your team members in the comments. A quick way to catch their eye.

  3. Comment Access: Click on the highlighted content or open the comment panel to access your annotation.

  4. Thread Control: See, modify or remove any open or resolved threads. No mess, just clarity.

  5. Comment Editing: Typos? No worries. You can edit your comments post-posting.

  6. Notification Redirection: Get a comment notification? Clicking on it will take you straight back to the corresponding inline comment.

  7. Drafts: Half-done thoughts are still valuable. The feature auto-saves your comments as drafts, enabling you to come back and finish later.

Have already answered something in a comment? Just send its link!

Copy/paste links at the thread or comment level.

Colored text

You can update the text color for better presentation and clarity.

Video & audio player

You can play audio & video files right in Cycle.

To upload a file, just type /audio or /video and your file will directly be embedded. You can also drag & drop it or use the /file command.

Audio formats supported: mp3, wav, m4a.

Video formats supported: mp4, mov, webm.

Zoom in & out

You can zoom in/out on images with a click.

Audio recording

Record audio files right from Cycle. You'll see magic happening when you combine this with our transcript and AI features. Get a V1 for your PRD in minutes! πŸš€

⌨️ Type /audio 🎀 Record your idea πŸ–±οΈ Click on β€œGet transcript” right after πŸ€– Apply any AI command like Summarize

AI-powered editor

Aren't you tired of going back & forth from Cycle to ChatGPT to make generic prompts and lose your context? This stops now.

With our new AI-powered editor, makers will be able to:

πŸ“ž Summarize user research calls or insights πŸ“ Generate and refine release notes πŸ–ŠοΈ Write a V1 of your PRD & user stories πŸ’―Iterate on your documents βœ… Perfect your document's grammar πŸ—£οΈ Translate user interviews ... and much more!

Just select some text and click on one of the suggested prompts.

Once you preview the AI answer, you can choose how it fits into your doc - slide it under existing text, swap out old stuff or take another shot if it doesn’t hit right.

You can now also use custom AI prompts in the editor.

πŸ‘‰ When selecting some text πŸ‘‰ When iterating on an AI answer πŸ‘‰ Just by typing /ai in your editor

Some cool use cases: write a release note, PRD, or story based on your doc content.


Work as you like: in full screen, split screen, and with any screen size!

All functionalities remain available.

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