Here's how you can send feedback from tools like Typeform, Airtable and +5,000 others to Cycle

Our Zapier integration makes it easy to centralize all of your feedback from various sources, like survey tools, in your Cycle inbox. Forget copy-pasting survey responses from scattered spreadsheets into a product management tool. You can build your own zap to route feedback to Cycle the way you want.

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Installation & templates

Zapier comes pre-installed on every Cycle workspace 😎. Click here to start pairing Cycle to any of the 5,000+ apps of Zapier's catalog.

You can browse here the Zap templates for fetching your feedback sources to cycle:

Create your custom Zap

Once you've selected which app should trigger the Zap to send feedback to Cycle, time to map your feedback's data to feedback properties in Cycle.

The Doc type "Feedback" in Cycle has 2 built-in properties:

  • Customer: Who gave the feedback?

  • Assignee: Who on your team is in charge of this feedback?

On top of that, from your workspace settings, under "Doc types", you can add custom properties to a Doc type. This lets you fully customize how you want to organize feedback. Use cases we've seen include categorizing feedback by product area, squad or feedback type.

Custom properties you create for the Doc type "Feedback" will appear in Zapier. You can then map data from the trigger app you select to create new feedback docs in Cycle.

How can I format the data being sent to Cycle?

You're probably asking multiple questions in feedback surveys. Here's how to format multiple survey answers to get structured feedback docs in Cycle.

  1. In the "title" field of your Zap, include the field you'd like to see in Cycle and paste the following:

{Generic text from you} - "Zapier data" 
  1. In the "content" field of your Zap, paste the following HTML code:

(Don't forget to update the customer in Cycle)
    <strong>{Write your survey question here}</strong>
    <p>"Zapier data answering your question 1"</p>

    <strong>{Write your survey question here}</strong>
    <p>"Zapier data answering your question 2"</p>

Copy the last bit of code for every new question you want to add.

  1. In the code above, replace the question placeholders with your own (static) survey questions.

  2. Next, insert your (dynamic) survey responses next to/under the corresponding survey questions. Here's how 👇

Note: Cycle docs can render HTML. This means you can fully customize the way you display incoming customer feedback. Feel free to add other HTML tags such as headings, bullet lists, hyperlinks, and more.

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