We makes it easy for your team to send feedback from your favorite support tool.


Zendesk is a platform for managing support by integrating it with your Cycle workspace your team will be able to:

  • Send feedback from Zendesk to Cycle

  • See the related doc statuses directly from a Zendesk ticket

  • Get notified whenever related doc statuses update inside the concerned Zendesk ticket

Get started


  1. Go to your Settings -> Integrations

You can press g then s -> Integrations

  1. Add source -> Zendesk

  1. Zendesk is considered installed when you see the card in your integrations list

How it works

Send tickets to Cycle from a Zendesk ticket

From a ticket view in your Zendesk workspace, your team car directly send the content as a feedback right into your Cycle inbox.

If the customer exists in your Cycle workspace, the integration will automatically insert the customer's name in the feedback's title and map the customer to the feedback. Otherwise, it will insert the contact's email address in the feedback's title so you can easily create the customer in Cycle.

Assigning someone to feedback will ensure they get it in your Cycle Inbox. The integration automatically loads all your workspace members so you can map them to feedback.

Option 1: Select the message to be sent

Open the Zendesk widget on the right-hand side, next to conversations in your Zendesk inbox.

Open the Cycle tab, and click on "Create new feedback"

Mapping custom properties

Custom properties you create and link to Feedback in your workspace settings will show up in the Zendesk integration.

This is a great way to categorize feedback by importance, product area, type, or any other property that fits your needs.

Using content templates

Content templates you set up for Feedback will appear in the custom description field when creating a feedback from Zendesk.

Option 2: Leverage our API to send all incoming tickets to Cycle

Please follow the instructions here to get set up.

View linked feedback in your Zendesk conversations

Every feedback linked to a customer will appear in the right sidebar of the related Zendesk conversation. No matter which integration was used to create the feedback.

This enables customer-facing teams to give customers an update on the status of their requests. Clicking one of these docs will open it in Cycle.


My Zendesk contacts are not showing up in Cycle

Depending on the number of Zendesk contacts you have, the import can take some time. Try refreshing your page in a couple of minutes.

If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to reach out!

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