AI & automations

Here we'll explain what you can automate with Cycle.

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Closing the loop on Slack

We already covered in the Slack section how to automatically keep people up to date with product updates related to the feedback they shared on Slack and how to react to a message to fetch it in your Cycle inbox.

Video & audio transcripts

We know those sales calls, customer chats, and brainstorming sessions contain pure gold. But it’s hard to be in the moment and ask the right questions while taking notes. To change that, here's our Transcript feature.
Drop an audio/video file, hit "get transcript", and voila! You can also type /transcript and upload a file to be even more efficient.
And yes, it's multilingual - works in over 20 languages!
Get an audio? The flow is the same.
And sine you know exactly the language spoken in your call and want a transcript in the same language, you can define it upfront to be sure to get the desired result.

Image to text

Similar to the transcript, you can get the text from any image/PDF. Just select it and click on “Get transcript”.

AI-powered editor

We already covered in the editor section the different commands you have at hand whenever you select a text. You'll also be able to use custom prompts soon.
You can now also use custom AI prompts in the editor.
👉 When selecting some text 👉 When iterating on an AI answer 👉 Just by typing /ai in your editor
Some cool use cases: write a release note, PRD, or story based on your doc content.

Process your feedback with AI (Find insights)

Insights are critical for writing PRDs with empathy & communicate solid release notes. Yet it takes time to process your feedback inbox, and time is scarce.
Our AI assistant will find insights for you so that you can focus your energy and time on stuff where you truly add value.
To get started, go into your inbox and open a (long) feedback. Go to the insight panel on the right. Click on "Find Insights" and the AI will start working. ✨
You'll be presented with a list of insights that you can select/unselect. ✅
You'll get AI suggestions to help you map the insights! The feature doesn’t exist yet? The AI will suggest a name for this new feature that you can validate in 1 click.
Want to adapt the wording? Do it. 📝
From there you can link each insight to the right feature – existing or new. 🏷️
Looks all good? Perfect, then you can just confirm and watch insights magically appear on the right.👌
Even when it takes some time, there's a toaster and you can keep using Cycle.
When you process very long docs such as full user research notes & long call transcripts, don't wait around. When you click on “Find insights," you'll get a notification in the bottom right corner. It'll keep you posted on the processing status and notify you when you can review the suggested insights.
You'll get a summary, split by doc types, at the top of each piece of feedback.

AI customization

You can fine-tune your AI with specific context, including your company name and product description to get better results, unique for your situation.
Make sure to update your product description in your Settings > General.
Have a look at our own product description, where we include: product explanation, user persona, competitor and glossary used by our customers when they give us feedback.

Feedback on autopilot

After weeks of working on this one, we're happy to announce you can now put your feedback on autopilot!
When you have dozens of product feedback submissions every day, it's just not possible to read them all, map them to your roadmap, update your PRDs, and close the loop with each stakeholder. You need an assistant.
Well, meet your new feedback pal, powered by AI.
You can activate 4 automations, customizable source by source in your AI settings: 1/ auto write a feedback summary, 2/ auto find insights, 3/ auto link to roadmaps, 4/ auto mark processed.
AI can save you hours every week, but we also know AI is not perfect. That's why we embraced the "AI-generated, user-verified" philosophy. In short, trust the feedback autopilot, but verify.
You have 3 possible insight states:
  • User-generated (like before)
  • AI-generated, user not (yet) verified
  • AI-generated, user-verified
Tip: For all existing views, make sure to display the new property “AI tag”.