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Navigate views

Multiple ways to display docs
A view is a filtered and structured way to visualize your Cycle docs. You can create your own views by choosing which doc types to display, applying filters and grouping docs by properties.
Only "Makers" can create and edit views. Go to the "Create and edit views" section to learn more.
In this section we'll see how to work in views.

Kanban, list & swimlane

When a "Maker" creates a view, they can choose between a kanban or list view.
  • Kanban: Display docs in horizontal columns. Usually each column holds docs from a same property value.
  • List: Display docs in a vertical list.
  • Swimlane: Combine a kanban and list view. This works great for roadmaps: See docs grouped in columns by a time horizon, while also splitting the view vertically by a key product area for example.
The feedback Inbox is a list view, grouped by status.
When a list view is grouped by a property, you can expand and collapse groups by clicking the arrow in the top left corner of the group. This is a great way to declutter a view.
Open & collapse groups in list view

Editing doc properties in bulk

Drag and drop multiple docs from one place to another. The corresponding property will automatically update for every selected doc.
You can also achieve this by holding the "shift" key and clicking on the docs you wish, then use the editing menu at the bottom of your screen to edit the docs' property values.
Edit multiple doc properties at once

Insight visualization

In an insight view, you'll see the content of the insights, no matter whether they have a title.
This means you can see customer quotes, essential pain points, and other key information right away, in your insight view.
Customer voice
Some cool use cases
👉 Feel the importance of the pain for certain initiatives you are working on
👉 Check the status of different insights shared by specific clients