Cycle docs

A "doc" represents a rich document in Cycle. It can take different types (Feedback, Insight, Initiative, Bug, Dev task, etc). We call them "doc types."
Your Cycle workspace has two built-in doc types: Feedback & Insight.

Feedback docs 💬

Every feedback doc you create will always have an assignee, a customer, and a status.
  • Assignee – The person in charge of processing the feedback
  • Customer – The person who provided the feedback
  • Status - Indicates if the feedback has been processed yet
Every feedback comes with an assignee, customer and status
By default, when you create feedback manually in your workspace, it will be assigned to you, and you will also be the feedback's customer.
When the feedback is created from an integration, Cycle either maps it to one of your existing Cycle customers or creates a new one. You will also be assigned to the feedback.
You can always edit the assignee and customer of a feedback doc later on.
Like every other doc in Cycle, you can insert content templates, files, media and also embed files from other tools like Figma designs, Miro boards, Loom recordings, Pitch slidedecks and more.

Insight docs 💡

"Insight docs" are usually derived from feedback docs. You can create an insight by highlighting a piece of feedback and clicking on "turn into insight". You will then be prompted to link it to one of your product initiatives. 🌱
Try the interactive demo below to see it in action. 👇
An insight will automatically inherit the customer and assignee of the feedback doc it was created from.
Once you create an insight, it will appear in the "insights panel" on the right. From there, you can also create insights manually.
Create an insight manually
You can hover over the highlighted piece of text in the feedback doc, the insights panel will scroll right to the corresponding insight.
Insights are always linked to a parent doc type which is one of your product initiatives.
You can't edit an insight's customer once the insight is linked to an initiative. If you need to edit an insight's customer, you'll have to do so at the feedback level. The insight will automatically get updated.

Product initiatives 🌱

Product initiatives are the things you put in place to reach what you aim to achieve with your product. A product initiative could be a highly requested feature, performance improvements, redesigns, bugsetc.
By default, your Cycle workspace works as follows:
  1. 1.
    You collect 💬 feedback from integrations or create it manually
  2. 2.
    From that feedback, you highlight relevant extracts and turn them into 💡 insights
  3. 3.
    Finally, you link these insights to the corresponding 🌱 initiative or create new ones if needed
Create new initiatives when linking an insight
You're free to keep this simple workflow, but you can also fully customize it to fit your company's terminology and way of working.
Note that editing these settings requires are more advanced understanding of Cycle.