What's Cycle?

Cycle is a product management hub helping modern product teams centralize feedback, document product initiatives, and close the feedback loop with customers.

What are the benefits of closing the loop with customers?

  • Make your customers love your team and product by showing you care about their requests.

  • Unlock more deal opportunities at every release by reaching out to customers who didn't buy your product because of a missing feature or critical bug.

  • Engaged customers are more likely to retain longer.

What's the difference between feedback and insight?

Feedback often arrives raw, unstructured, and with context. They can contain multiple insights about multiple aspects of your product. To process feedback, highlight pieces of it and create insights, then link these insights to a parent object (product initiatives, problem area, ...). Learn more about this workflow here.

Can I create insights without deriving them from feedback

Yes. Create insights manually using the "insights panel." You'll find it on the right of a doc. This is useful for small bug reports or quick wins.

Can I import data from another tool?

Yes, submit a data import request here, and we'll be in touch 😊

Can I write user interviews in Cycle?

Yes, you can! That's why we built a rich markdown editor. You'll soon be able to process interview transcripts, too 👀.

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